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Becoming autonomous … something for me?
14 jul, 2019

The days when “OFF-GRID” was a term used only by and for green boys are over. Becoming autonomous is possible for everyone! The technology of battery systems has evolved enormously in a few years and the prices are in free fall.

Initially, manufacturers had to focus on remote areas in Africa, islands in the ocean or mountain huts in the Alps. The past year it suddenly became clear that, for example after a natural disaster like the hurricane in Puerto Rico, it is financially more interesting to build a power supply with solar energy and batteries than to restore the entire power grid.

Consumption profile

First and foremost, we examine whether it is feasible in your situation to disconnect yourself from the public power grid. Do you heat your home with electric accumulators and do you also want to be in the jaccuzi or infrared cabin on a daily basis, then completely off-grid is no longer possible. However, the power demand can be optimally tailored to production.

What do I need?

  • As many LED lights as possible
  • A gas or induction cooker
  • No heating on electric accumulators or a heat pump

In short, a smart choice must be made in terms of electrical consumers in the home.

Our Pull The Plug team makes an overview of the consumers in the home. In this way we check whether becoming autonomous is also a good option for you. If not, there are other options!