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Off-grid in Belgium
14 jul, 2019


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Off-grid living in Belgium: dream or reality?

More and more often the question is asked: can I also live off-grid in Belgium?
The answer is very clear yes! How then? Feel free to read on, contact us, read more on the internet but above all: become Pulltheplug!

What are the benefits of grid independent power?

Better: what are the disadvantages? We summarize the benefits briefly!

  • Sleep on your both ears
  • Say goodbye to the prosumers rate
  • 100% green electricity!
  • Be aware of your power consumption

I’m convinced! What options are there?

One can choose between partial or complete solutions to become energy independent. is happy to help you with this.

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Optimize the green capacity of your home without off-grid capacity

Energy independent is sometimes a big step. Sometimes a battery is installed to make optimal use of the self-produced green energy: the principle of the “ reversing counter ” then becomes no longer necessary, and you avoid the prosumers rate.
Such an installation is a good interim solution and can later be extended to a real off-grid installation.

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Off-grid backup function with network connection

You may use a lot of power or fear blackouts during the winter months. Even though our systems can also during the dark winter months to cover your needs, you may want certainty. In that case, a backup function offers a wonderful solution: our systems can offer energy independence during blackouts for a few hours to a few days.
Another breakdown in the Electrabel nuclear power plants? No problem for your family or your business!

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Off-grid in Belgium: experience the dream!

Full autonomy: no more electricity bills, no monthly invoices. Your pennies no longer flow to large multinationals.
Thanks to various customized formulas, we can offer personalized solutions: solar panels combined with a micro CHP such as Ökofen and battery system will take you a long way as an end user.

Our show house is the best shop window! Feel free to come along.

Pull The Plug!