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Sense and nonsense of the smart meter
14 jul, 2019

What is such a smart meter?

You already heard: the smart meter will be rolled out over the coming years, and especially for new builds or solar panel owners. The proponents do not shy away from the positive words. Especially under the Minister of Energy, Bart Tommelein, is in favor:

Waiting even longer would be criminal

What exactly is such a device?

A smart meter is installed at home and replaces the classic, cheaper, analog meter. An internet connection allows remote control and reading.

What are the benefits?

  • The counter reading no longer needs to be passed on.
  • Electricity suppliers can charge prices per part of the day
  • This device replaces the expensive budget meter.
  • Precise measurement of collection and return, but the principle of the reversing counter would continue for a few years.

How do we respond to this with Pull the Plug ?

The current rollback counter has several consequences: these are briefly discussed.

The electricity grid as a battery for existing installations

Although not yet completely clear, the government is planning to use the principle of the reversing counter for another 15 years for solar panel installations that are already operational. Yet this evolution is viewed quite critically: after all, the legislator has also created a pro-consumer rate, and there is no indication that no new taxes are foreseen this time. With the digital meter, the government can perfectly monitor when you use how much electricity or put it on the grid. On the one hand this has consequences for your privacy , but can also have financial consequences .

Financial consequences for new installations

It is likely that new installations will no longer be able to benefit from the backwards spinning electricity meter. For them, the solar profit is more skimmed: the network administrator can impose low injection rates, which means that during the summer months one has to sell his electricity cheaply and buy it expensive in the winter.
After all, while the prosumers only receive 4 cents per injected kWh, they pay the neighbor still nearly 30 cents to use this power 10 meters further! During the winter months you also pay the same high amount to purchase electricity. In fact, there is a chance that you will not even receive any reimbursement during the summer months!

Pull The Plug intervenes!

Smart adjustments to your home allow you to maximize your own consumption: a traditional home battery in combination with (new or existing) solar panels will already help you on your way and significantly increase your independence from the electricity grid by up to 80%.

The PTP team specializes in this matter and can use techniques such as smart control of large consumers in your household and possibly even a smartly controlled electric water heater further increase your autonomy until you are completely independent on your own solar power. Don’t let your green energy flow! .

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