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What is off-grid? What is a battery system? Read more about this technology!
14 jul, 2019

Off-Grid, often with a battery system, is a term used for homes that are not connected to the public electricity grid. In our regions, such a home usually has a system that creates a 230 V power supply itself.

The battery system is always charged with a source of green energy such as photovoltaic panels that convert daylight and sunlight into electricity. This way you have new electricity every day (both in good and bad weather). The surplus green electricity is stored in the battery for the evening, at night, and on days when the production of the PV panels is low, such as in the winter months. A battery system can even help you avoid the prosumers rate! After all, anyone who does not use the reversing counter is exempt from this. This quickly provides a nice saving!

But we still live in Belgium?

In winter we have very gloomy days in Belgium and there is only a limited number of hours of daylight. To solve this, we work with heaters that produce electricity in addition to heat. Such systems are called “cogeneration” or micro-CHP . These systems exist on gas, heating oil or pellets and exist in various, scalable variants. In some cases you can even claim subsidies. Our expert knows more about this.

A PV system and Micro-CHP. Two complementary systems that, with the help of the battery system, are the key to success for an autonomous and sustainable life for you, your environment and your children.

What can I do?

A battery system certainly does not have to be expensive or bulky. A tailor-made choice is made together with our product expert. Which battery for your situation? Full off-grid or exclusively stream optimization: a suitable solution for each.
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